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  1. I've made a video to examplify what is happening: https://goo.gl/gguP81
  2. When I try to edit a text box, i select the text box I want to edit, then Tap the text tool, and when I try to edit the text, the keyboard automatically covers the whole text, and I can't edit anything. It's constantly scrolling up when i tap the text box. I have to pan several times, and zoom out in order to view the text while I'm editing it. This is a known issue? I'm working on an iPad Pro 12,9. And congrats for the app. Amazing job!
  3. I've found a way to install fonts on iPad from FontSquirel. - On safari, open any font, for example: https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/montserrat - Then tap install on iPad. Install the profile. - Then force quit Affinity Photo. Open again, and the fonts installed are there. ________ There are some apps that let you install any font you want on the ipad itself. Like this one: http://www.anyfont-app.com/ And this should work too (i've not tried) If affinity let us do this on a simpler way, it would be nice, but this is a workaround. Hope it helps.