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  1. Hi Sean, Yes, I'm using a 9.7" ipad pro - pls report the development, hope it can be fixed on the next update, thx.
  2. hi Sean, Uploaded the file, pls let me know if u need few more. i tried iCloud, Dropbox & Google Drive for the AWR file (Sony A7Rii) import - none of these work, all of them just keep the app loading for around 10s then crashed. All import works ok with JPEG though.
  3. hi, my app CRASHED when i import a Sony Raw file (file name is in .ARW format) - the file didn't load into the app, and just crashed it after 10s of loading. There were few times forced my ipad to reset. I'm using Ipad Pro 9.7" and the file is 43.7M in size. Pls help.
  4. Thanks guys, the videos & the notes really help!!!