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  1. So I missunderstood you! Is it right that, when I tap within the Affinity Cam an area in the picture, I get only one thing the focus point of that area and not both the exposure and the focus point from that area? But I think you should get both of them for proper solutions.
  2. Hi MEB, thats not correct,in the Apple own Cam I can tap in any position of the viewer with the finger and there I get an yellow rectangle where the focus and expsosure will be fixed. In the Affinity Cam, I can tap without rectangle and I get only focus not exposure. So if I have a small very bright object in the field that clips very hard I can never reduce exposure and also in HDR this object is clipping very much!
  3. I tried the new HDR Capture function but I canĀ“t find an exposure slider within the camera App!
  4. Panorama stack still crashing! I load three pictures one by one from the ipad photo app, then click ok and affinity crashes. I tried it very often with different pictures.
  5. One good step to the End of Beta! Keep it up! Thanks
  6. I think not enough ram is the weak point in this app! The more steps you do in development of an picture the higher the risk of crashing. So you have to save every step you make and that is rather anoying! So long as Apple doesn't provide more Ram Affinity has no chance at least.For that reason it helps to close other apps. But it is not enough!
  7. I am playing around several days now with the Ipad App. And I come to an impression that nearly every job I want to do ends with not working tools or crashes with data loss. So I think this App is still in an very early Beta stage! There is much to do,but I have still payed 20 Euros and have to wait until the App works proper. Today I stitched 3 jpegs ( Raw is not supported????Why?) together and when I want to restore the white edges total crash. In the stitched picture many artifacts in the sky and so on and on. Here one improvement for panorama job, please let me choose more as one file in source folder to import for stitching! That was my last experience with the App I have not the time to document all the problems I had since the first use. I hope your development team is busy enough to do a better job in Future! On the positive side I see that you are the first group developing such an long expected Foto App. Adobe App is far more stable, less money,but with less functions! So I hope for better future soon.
  8. It seems that Panorama and HDR function don't works with raw files! Thats a little poor. I hoped for more.
  9. I find the solution!! New Start the App and it is working again!!! When I open an Sony Raw Image over the icloud drive, this is the only way to get it into Affinity ,there are no sliders in the basics section. The other sections work, so the only possibility to adjust exposure is with the curves!!!
  10. I have the same problem! I can take an Raw photo with my Iphone SE. It is in the Photo App. When I open the Photo in Affinity from there I got only the small jpeg embedded in the dng File. When I send the DNG from Photo App to Icloud Drive and then get the photo in Affinity from there I get the full file in Raw. Why must this be so complicated?
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