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  1. I'm using Affinity Photo for pixel art and it'd be real handy to be able to rotate things with nearest neighbor sampling. The current rotation anti-aliases and smooths pixels when you rotate which doesn't work too well for pixel art.
  2. We haven’t gotten an answer yet - that was a premature “thank you.”
  3. I’m working on pixel art and am looking for a way to rotate images using the nearest neighbor resampling algorithm. Currently, rotating pixel art gets smoothed and anti-aliased too much. The mesh warp filter lets you pick nearest neighbor and works well for pixel art. Is there something like that for rotation?
  4. I'm testing Affininty Photo on my iPad Pro for creating pixel art and it's nice for single pixel painting, but I'm having trouble with single pixel erasing. The closest I've come erases gradually and affects the pixels around a single pixel. Looks like the desktop version has a keyboard shortcut you can hold down to erase using the Pixel Brush Tool, but I don't see how to do that on the iPad... help? Enjoying the Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro!
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