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  1. JustGoFaster

    .ORF import too dark

    Now what I am seeing is that the lightroom pic looks slightly over exposed with the Affinity looking slightly under. My go to software for years has been lightroom and I just feel in general first look is pretty good most of the time. With both software packages a good developed file is easily possible and Affinity on import looks very good. The big surprise for me is the difference. I hope this is of interest to you.
  2. JustGoFaster

    .ORF import too dark

    Thank you for the suggestion. I have just tried this, screen shot attached. I think it is a slight improvement. It is by no means bad. My minds eye tells me that lightroom is closer to what I think I photographed. The difference between the two is surprising. PS Sample-2 had some adjustments applied, my error I have reset to no edits in sample 3 Sample-2.tiff Sample-3.tiff
  3. JustGoFaster

    .ORF import too dark

    This has been covered before and closed....BUT. Today I tried to use Affinity again on my mac as recently purchased for the iPad which is amazing. I opened for comparison a .ORF file OMD EM5 Mk2 and also did the same in lightroom. Straight away with no user controlled adjustments the Affinity image was darker by just over one stop. This is a huge difference and is very obvious. I must be doing something wrong Using AP 1.5.2. The lightroom image to my eye looks much closer to reality and so I feel something is not right with my import process into Affinity. On the iPad the image is a match for the Lightroom image on the mac in terms os exposure. Any suggestions or help please? Sample.tiff

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