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  1. @R C-R, minimum hassle and maximum baggage. Migration Assistant copies everything from the (10 year) old Mac, something I absolutely did not want. Which is why I did a manual migration. More work., much less cruft.
  2. I am in the process of moving to a new computer (from El Capitan to High Sierra). I moved all the AD related directories/files I could find (primarily ~/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner), yet when I open AD on my new computer, I see no files in the Open Recent list. Where is this information stored?
  3. A very standard feature of many OS X applications is missing from Designer - right clicking on a window's title shows a drop down menu of the file's path (and allows you to open any directory, er, "folder", in that path). I can't see any way of determining the path to / location of an open file from within Designer. This is VERY annoying. If one exists, please enlighten me of its whereabouts. See attached images. Please add this Basic macOS Feature to Designer. thanks, john
  4. How can I hide the bounding boxes of frame text elements, two of which are shown in magenta in the attached image? The boxes (not the text) come and go willy nilly. I would like to be able to hide them when I want to. I have looked all over and have not seen any mention of them whatsoever. Thanks, john OS X - 10.11.6 AD - 1.5.5
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