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  1. I used CTRL+1 to zoom view to 100%. I tried to zoom view to to width using the left ALT+ShFT+0 on the Number Pad but nothing happens. Zoom to width only works when using the 0 on the keyboard.
  2. I would say that this is the same problem. Something that might help, is to set your Windows DEFAULT Printer to be "Microsoft XPS Document Writer", which appears to have Left, Right, Top and Bottom Margins of 0 when retrieved from the Printer. Then, set your Margins to what you expect to use on the Amazon KDP output. Then export the the resultant file as PDF and cross your fingers. Of course, this is all based on the assumption that even though they cannot properly write code to work with the Default Printer Driver, the PDF POSTSCRIPT code that they generate is OK.
  3. Are you using the latest release version? Yes. Can you reproduce it? Every time I use Affinity Photo. Does it happen for a new document? If not do you have a document you can share that shows the problem? It happens with all New Documents I have attached images to show the problem, and the correct / expected results. I create a New Document and Retrieve the Margins from the Printer. The Right and Left Margins are misplaced in Landscape orientation. I have included four images, two from Word, which produces the correct results and two from Photo, which only produces one correct result. The correct margins determines where the actual print occurs on the paper output and being incorrect, the output is adversely offset, and thus not placed in the centre of the paper. My printer is an HP K8600 duplex model. Affinity Photo Landscape, incorrect, Left and Right Margins reversed Affinity Photo Portrait correct margins Word Landscape correct margins Word Portrait correct margins
  4. Not to belittle your efforts, but I have real physical print output from 40 or more applications that all work properly. In addition, I submitted photographic evidence of multple physical print output to substantiate my bug report. What is, EjectE EjectE EjectE EjectE I am reporting print margin anomalies with Affinity products. Should you wish to report print margin anomalies with other products, I strongly encourage you to contact those product manufacturers directly as I'm sure they do not read this Affinity BUG REPORT FORUM for Windows.
  5. Mr. Lagarto, I consider your input to be a contribution that confirms my bug report. I don't do pissing into the wind during a blue moon. Workarounds are at best problematic, and usually worse. All Affinity products (Publisher, Photo and Designer) on Windows, produce this bug.
  6. Let me tell everyone this. I use Word 2010, Corel PaintSHop Pro, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, DesignSpark PCB, DesignSpark PCB, Scribus, LibreOffice, Nikon Capture NX-D, Nikon ViewNX, Inkscape, IrFanVIEW and many more applications. Each and every one of these applications correctly and accurately print their Landscape and Portrait output on my HP K8600 Printer. Not one single Affinity product, not Publisher, not Photo and not Designer has ever printed a Landscape output correctly or accurately. Obviously, Serif / Affinity have acknowledged that there is a problem and logged it. As I had previously indicated, I went through the same back and forth over an extend period of time with the exact same problem in Serif PagePlus. Serif almost completely fixed the problem in PagePlus and at the time, as I did not have any other Serif applications was not able to determine if their other products also had the same flaw.
  7. Thank you. Your response means a great deal to me and demonstrates that this forum is not simply a sponge that never gets investigated.
  8. Having extensively documented a showstopper bug in Publisher, Designer and Photo, will Affinity get right on it and fix it? Other than this forum, does Affinity have an alternative Bug Tracking system? When will you contact me directly? Do you have a documented formal bug tacking process?
  9. Good, now you see it. Now you have also identified why you cannot reproduce the problem. Your printers have mechanically physical margins of 4.3mm all around. My printer has one physical margin that is 0.47" on one side and 0.13" on the other three sides. My printer does duplex and this 0.47" margin is an unprintable area as this is used by the duplexing unit when handling the paper. No, it is not a problem with my printer driver, it is a problem with Affinity. They had the same problem with PagePlus, and after a lot of back and forth they finally figured it out and fixed it, but not perfectly. This is acknowledged in their PagePlus forum. If this was a problem with my printer driver, then the problem would exist with the hundreds of other software applications that I use and print with on a regular basis and that is not the case. This problem only happens with Affintiy Publisher, Designer and Photo and I WANT IT FIXED.
  10. Here are four pictures of print from Publisher, Designer, Photo and PagePlus. Although the PagePlus text says that the box is centered exactly, that's not quite right, the programmer never was able to fix the output properly. PagePlus could be fiddled to make its output prints properly without cutting off the output and I used it mostly for business cards. I used Word, Scribus, Expression Design and Inkscape for most everything else, documents, posters, handbills, menus and the like. I had been hoping that with the Affinity grouping of products that I would get a set of tools to work with that had a common look and feel (User Interface), all 64 bit, so memory usage on my systems was optimized, and a more seamless workflow. This bug prevents me from working with these products, and maybe they are geared more towards a retired hobbyist use rather than a professional use. As you can see, even though all the margins were set to 50mm, the output is offset by 10mm. Do you follow now? This margin of error, is totally unacceptable.
  11. Understanding this is not very hard. On the images above, click on the first image and then use the right arrow to sequence through each image. OBSERVE WHERE THE 0.47" PRINTER MARGIN IS LOCATED RELATIVE TO THE PAGE OUTPUT. IN EACH AFFINITY PRODUCT, THE 0.47" PRINTER MARGIN IS IN TH WRONG PLACE. THIS CAUSES THE LANDSCAPE PRINTED OUTPUT TO BE OFFSET BY 0.47". No matter what the margin settings are, the printed output is offset by 0.47' Attempting to compensate, by subtracting margin on one side and adding margin on the other side does not work. At a certain point, you exceed the algorithm of the printer driver and the printed output gets cut off. The bug is not readily apparent on a monitor, except by retrieving the margins from the printer, and then highlighting the margins with a frame as I have done. What I want to achieve is a 32mm margin, on each side of a page and have the printed output land centered vertically and horizontally in the middle of the page. This bug prevents that from happening and twiddling with the margins as a "workaround" does not work.
  12. Here are output files from each application, in both orientations. I used Export for the Affinity and Serif application and Save as PDF for Microsoft Word 2010. In each case, in the creation of each file, I used the menu choice NEW... and I Retrieve Margin from Printer in each case. I overlayed the margins with a 3 point frame to show you where the actual margins are. The actual page edges are somewhat visible, they appear to be very fine light grey lines around the outside. Microsfot Word 2010 and Serif PagePlus X9 get the margins correctly, although there are other nasty bugs inside PagePlus, like forgetting the page orientation when you reopen the Publication Setup menu. WordLOK.pdf WordPOK.pdf
  13. Look at each picture of each correctly (Word 2010 and PagePlus X9) oriented margins. These margins were set with Retrieve Margin from Printer. Now, look at the Affinity Publisher (APub???) layout. These margins were set with Retrieve Margin from Printer. The 0.47" that the printer cannot print on is on the right side of the layout, it should be on the left side of the layout. This means, that when I set the margins, each of them to 32mm, even though they visually look fine on the computer monitor, when printed, the printing is displaced by 0.47" on the printed output. Worse, when I fiddle the margins in an attempt to accomdate this bug, the actual printed text and graphics disappear from the printed output for a band that is approximately 0.47". This bug exists in All three Windows Affinity products, Publisher, Photo and Designer. If your printer is mechanically designed so that it prints perfectly to the same margin on every side of a page, you will not see this bug when you print. On the other hand, as my printer does duplexing, that 0.47" unprintable area of the page is reserved from flipping the page. The HP Printer Driver tells the application about this when the application requests information about the printer capabilities. So, if you have a printer that does duplexing, and does not have the same margins (these are physical limitations of the printer mechanism) do the following, Start Word and retrieve the margins from the printer for Portrait and Landscape orientations. Do the same with all of the new Affinity applications, and see the difference As for the file that I see this on, it won't do you any good to have it, the moment you open it, you will end up with the margins from your default printer and I doubt that your printer is an HP K8600 that does duplexing. All I did was start a NEW... document, page size of Letter (ANSI A) and the Retrieve Margin from Printer. If I get a chance tomorrow, I'll do some printouts of each, take photographs and put them up. Oh and the 32mm, I mention that only to indicate that this should have eliminated any influence of the printer design, but as the applications do not do the calculations properly, I end up with displace output.
  14. I came across this bug today. This bug also existed in PagePlus and after a lot of BACK and FORTH you finally fixed it. Silly me, I should have looked at this earlier. I just tried retrieving the margins from the printer in both Designer and Phota and this bug is in both those applications as well. I was working on the creation of a stock certificate, using a pre-printed certificate that has a stylish frame that extends 32 mm in from the papers edge. I set the New document margins to 32 mm and kept all my text and graphics inside the margins. My HP K8600 printer has the following fixed margins (area's where the mechanism cannot print), of LEFT: 0.13" RIGHT: 0.13" TOP: 0.13" BOTTOM: 0.47" The observant will note that 32 mm is equal to 1.25984", thus my Spread Setup with Margins of 32mm all around is well within the mechanical design of my printer. Now, of course a stock certificate is printed in Landscape, so this should all work, right, NOPE! I am including images that have margins that are retrieved by the Affinity Publisher application, using the Spread Setup Button, Retentive Margin from Printer. One image is when I set Spread Setup to Portrait and you will note that the Margin at the bottom of the image occupies more space that the other three margins as this is an exact representation of the printers mechaincal design. The second image is when I set Spread Setup to Landscape (unchecking Portrait) and you will note that the Margin at the bottom of the image occupies more space that the other three margins and this is COMPLETELY WRONG. The 0.47" margin in the image should be on the far right of the image to accurately reflect the mechanical design of the HP K8600 printer. This is the exact same behaviour that I reported and you fixed in Serif PagePlus. The problem with this bug is that it manifests as an offset print in Landscape such that the output in this case overwrites that nice stylish frame on the stock certificate. Please, urgently, fix this, not only in Publisher, but also in Designer and Photo. Same code, same bug. I have added two WORD 201 documents with the margins turned on. I also showed the Page Layout Dialog. Word has always worked properly as expected when it comes to page layout and margins. I have added two Serif PagePlus documents, and you can handily see that the layour for the MArgins exactly matches that of Word 2010.
  15. Yikes, I can barely see the SPECIAL CHARACTERS. They are so DIM. A nice Dark Colour and shown in BOLD would be good.
  16. Lee D, why is the help article not in the actual product help content? Further, why is the product help so darn primitive?
  17. Wouldn't it be great if the Right hand scroll bar only scrolled the displayed page and not the document. As it is now, you could consider that functionality is missing in that when you scroll the document with the right hand scroll bar, you never update the left hand Pages Toolbar to hsow that the current page, says page 5, is the selected page as well as being the page currently being displayed.
  18. Wouldn't is be great if a single click on a Page in the Pages Toolbar actually caused the Displayed Page to update to that page instead of the need to double click today. A double click to mak ethis happen today is counter intuitive to actual Windows and Macintosh and Linux windowing behaviour.
  19. Wouldn't it be a great feature to be able to use the mouse to scroll through the Pages listed in the Pages Toolbar on the left, Page by Page, instead of the current, Line by Line. After all, it is a Toolbar for Pages, not Lines.
  20. When I use Page Up and Page Down, the pages should also move Up and Down.
  21. When I doubleclick a page in the Page Manager, there should be an indication in the editor window about the page number being displayed. On click in the Page Manager selects a page, which is highlighted by a blue border, but when I work with a page in the page editor, there is hardly any indication in the Page Manager about what page I am actually editing other than a barely perceptible grayish border around the displayed page in the Page Manager.
  22. When scrolling with the mouse wheel in Page Manager, the scroll should be page by page, no line by line.
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