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  1. I completely didn't realize this was a possibility. I feel like an idiot. In my defense, that is a really weird way to infuse such a feature into the program. If you're expecting people to be transitioning from Adobe Illustrator, the idea that such a feature is built it would never be intuitive.
  2. Firstly, I wanted to take a moment to thank Serif and their programmers for making such a wonderful piece of software. I'm looking forward to one day eventually making the jump from Adobe but I thank you for giving me hope. I already purchased and strapped in for the ride as I know that you lot are going to accomplish amazing things. This is all just constructive criticism and feedback from someone who wants to be able to use your product in a regular and professional way. A feature you really need to put towards the top of the update pile is the Shear/Skew tool for text and objects. She
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