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  1. Goood afternoon. In my company i work with pictures that has 112295X13294. So there are very big files.For the moment i working with this kind of documents in Photoshop. After working a document i change it in Bitmap mode and save it in TIFF compressed file.The final size is 11 Mb files with very best quality.Thet are black&white files. For the moment with Affinity photo i am in tested mode.And i simply can't save my final files less then 100 Mb Tiff file. I am not and expert user in images but Photohop has the best results for this type of files. I am impress of what can do Affinity and is doing the same thing that i do in Photoshop but exporting the files is th only thing for the moment that i couldn't not purchase the application. If there is other things that i miss here in Affinity please give me feedback. Thank you.