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    Hello Everyone, My name is Julio I live in Bronx, NY. I'm new to photography funny because I've always thought I did not like it and now I'm starting to love it. I have always been attracted to cameras ever since I was small. I remember passing by electronic store and I would stare at 35mm cameras with the big lens and flash attach to them for years. One time I had a fuji digital camera in 2005 that I was using it like it was a DSLR camera moving my hand making believe it had a zoom lens. Before I bought my camera last year I remember visiting a pawnshop while waiting I went straight to the cameras to stare at them. When I decided to purchase my T6i last year I learned the triangle in less than a week when I got my camera the week after I was using it in M, Av, Tv. I've taken about 750 practice shots out of that maybe less than 10 pictures have been in auto mode. I joined the forum because I plan on purchasing affinity soon it looks like a great program and the best part for me is the price and no monthly subscription.

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