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  1. OK! Thank you !!!!!!! It would be awesome if this solves the problem. LOL The dangers of checking yes in boxes you're not totally sure of what they do LOL !
  2. When I select a shape, it is outlined in purple. After I perform some arbitrary operation on the selection and click away from the object, it does deselect logically (behaviorally) as expected , but visually the purple line remains. I cannot get rid of it through any means, including closing and opening the file. I have to restart Affinity Designer to get a clear image again. The effect is I end up with a lot of purple lines accumulating in the image I am working on. On small objects, the purple line is sometimes as large as the object in the image. At some point, it just becomes
  3. MEB, I bought it at the affinity website itself for Windows. Thanks MEB and everyone ! I wa able to obtain the upgrade via the link provided in the first answer to my post ! Thank you everyone !
  4. Thank you so much Alfred that was a huge help. I think I am going to buy the Designer book. I want to learn to do sophisticated things with Affinity Designer. What do you think? Is it a good how-to book or is there another one that gets into the nitty gritty of which techniques achieve which effects better than that one? Thanks again!!!
  5. Hi, I cannot find a way to download an upgrade. I am at 1.5 and I think it is 1`.6 or better now. Does anyone know? All I can find is the strore and a free trial link.. Many thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, LOL I missed the typo in my name! Thanks! OK I think I figured it out. I think the help file might actually be an html file or other file type which supports hiding words from the renderer. When I copy and paste into SOME document editors - notepad and textpad for instance- the hidden characters don't show up just as they don't show up in the help page itself. However, I found an editor -libre writer- which plainly prints the hidden text. So the original file has hidden text. That hidden text is still hidden even when the text is copied and pasted into some editors
  7. Hi, I was using my purchased Affinity today and I was looking at the file help->introduction->key features. I was going down the list of features to see what I was missing in terms of productivity. I closed the help->introduction->key features file, then a little later re-opened it. Between those two times, the file had changed, meaning, items which were listed in the key features document when I first opened it were no longer listed. There are about half a dozen such missing references to features. I will name a few phrases I can recall exactly as they were f
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