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  1. charleshetier

    Designer | grouping

    Thank you for this answer. Indeed, I used the constraints on some of the items I tried to group. I reset the constraints and it worked, thank you. But wouldn't it be fine if the resulting group wouldn't be that far from its content when using contrained objects? Or at least, is there a way to reset contraints on every selected elements for example?: I am using massively contraints on my designs, they are so great and this is one of the reason I switched from illustrator, checking every elements one by one is very time consuming... Again thank you
  2. charleshetier

    Designer | grouping

    Hello, I am on affinity designer There is a bunch of shape at the root of an artboard I want to group. Whenever I try to, the content disapears: actualy the content is still in place, but the group is marked as "constraint group" and its bounding box is completly out of the artboard. Maybe there is something I am doing wrong, but I am expecting the bounding box of the group to be around its content. Thanks a lot!