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  1. Thank you!!! Will play with it. Bowled over by the help on this forum. Made my w/e!
  2. Can I ask a stupid question? I'm not great at aligning - how did you get all those lines across to assist with the line up? That looks really useful. I use snap lines but not the same...
  3. I've redone the whole thing using a mixture of Affinity Photo and Designer - I redid the rings image separately, put circular shapes on top of each ring when resizing didn't help with the pixelation so basically covered, coloured, saved. I did the text of LAR Consultancy in Photo and not in designer. Then imported into designer and played with it. Result: www.larconsultancy.com - much sharper. Thanks for your input - really grateful.
  4. OK upped the dpi to 600 and tried again but it changes the font of the LAR bit, and it places a gap between the two last letters. LAR Top banner Split svg.svg
  5. Hi firstdefence - tried exporting via svg for web but came out very blurred.
  6. Wow thank you! I will try that tomorrow and let you know how it goes. Really appreciate it!
  7. To create it - Affinity Designer. When I noticed the pixelation on the website I uploaded into Photo and realised it was worse than I thought. It was a good diagnostic though to understand it was the image and not anything in the settings of the element.
  8. Thank you R C-R. I'm very new to this so all advice very welcome.
  9. Hi - I'm trying to create a banner for the homepage of my website larconsultancy.com but when I upload it becomes pixelated. Please tell me what settings to implement (such as document set up) to avoid this. Happy to send a file save in affinity but can I do this privately?
  10. I need to determine the pantones and cmyk of each leaf and the script of our logo - if I use colour picker it seems to change all the colours to a single colour, and still doesn't give me the pantone (I can see the 'level'). Forgive my ignorance - I'm new to design s/w and it's not my forte so if this question may be trivial to most - but it's really got me stuck!