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  1. Looks like the error is not reproducible. I just stacked the files again. Unfortunately I did not safe the edit before. So I wasn't able to remember and use the same adjustment layers again. Maybe one of them caused the blocks. Therefore I couldn't test the resampling methods.
  2. Hi, I just tried some of the new astrophotography stacking features. The stack can be generated and processed quite easy. But when exporting these files, they create some ugly grey blocks on the image (see screenshot). Same blocks appear, if zooming in to a very high zoom level. Using AP 1.9 on M1 with Big Sur.
  3. Indeed very frustrating. All my hand made custom curves are gone. Does anyone know where they are stored in order to restore them with timemachine?
  4. Hi, Affinity Photo starts to freeze when adding a second resizing-batch-process to a currently running one. The list items are not changing anymore. No additional images are going to be saved to disk. You even can't open images via file->open. CPU usage is permanently at 100%. Batch-processing settings: - resize to jpeg - w:2200 h:2000 keep aspect - resampling method: lanczos 3 (non separable) - quality 80% - save to new empty folder
  5. Thanks to your fast reply. The hyphen does not seem to affect it. It also happens to tags which are only one word. Existing (edited) photos exported with tag --> tag is missing (even if saved under a different filename) New blank file with no content --> tag is saved. I experience this effect for quite a while. I noticed it first round about christmas. From then on, I was never able to save a tag on export. Regardless of a reboot.
  6. If I'm exporting a file and I add one or more Tags to it in the export view, the Tags are not stored by affinity photo (v. 1.5.2) --> see screenshots. Export view: Finder view:
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