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    Robert Blackadar reacted to kevinmcsherry in Vespa Poster Artwork   
    Another Scooterissimo poster artwork. This is the 0 series vespa from 1953  which featured in the film with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. Roman Holiday. This is designed as an A2 poster and I wanted that grainy look, so I added 100% noise. There's also a scan of some old book endpapers multiplyed in there.

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    Robert Blackadar reacted to Pixel and Poly in Dr. Fate - comicbook colored inked artwork   
    I colored this inked artwork by Walter Simonson in Photo. The art I had to work with wasn't very high res so I needed to resize and adjust the lineart slightly. Walt is an amazing comicbook artist mostly known for his incredible THOR run.
    Comicbook fans, enjoy!