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    fellfromgrace got a reaction from Madame in Where are the WorkBook Project Resource links?   
    Thanks for all the links posted on page 1 ... I was having difficulty in downloading the link on page 79, but after coming here I then realised that they are all included within the initial link for the chapter. I do feel like others though that the book is damn expensive and the links could have been more easily explained without the need to come on the forum and find out. Maybe next edition can include a CD with the stuff already on them as well. Why don't you print them at the beginning of the book or an appendix at the end to make it easier?
     AND printing it spiral bound would make it so much easier to actually work from, keeping it flat whilst working. You could do this in a tasteful way, without an exposed binder, but it would make it nicer when using the exercises, especially if, like me, you're working with it on the sofa next to you with a dog and a cat or two ...  :-)
    Otherwise, so far so good.