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  1. Hi Callum, I am using a Canon TS8050 printer, which when printing photographs gives a borderless option automatically. As I said before the only way I got the aproper print was to import it into Page Plus X9. Merok1 Sorry for the delay, but I had forgotten to sign in!
  2. Hi Callum, I am using the latest version of Affinity Photo and before I dicovered how to get the 4" x 6" page size when I tried to print I got a very enlarged (part of the) image. Merok1
  3. Hi, After struggling to get printing on a 4" x 6" sheet the result is this:- I tried printing usig Gimp, which produced an oversize result and the only way I could produce a "normal" print was by importing it into Serif Page Plus X9! The original shot was taken using a Samsung Galaxy S9. Many thanks, Merok 1
  4. Hi Affinity Jedi, I did do as the Digital Camera instructions said, but the result was this:- As I said I took the files directly from the ISO image, should I have taken them from a DVD of the ISO file?
  5. This is by way of my original query in which I did not supply an example. As I said before in my original query, the files were taken from the on line "DVD" for Digital Camera issue 232 - "Get the wet-plate look" The DVD is <linked removed>. I extracted the relevant files and followed instructions and ended upwith the above result. Perhaps this is because I took the files from the ISO directly and did not correctly burn a DVD version, I don't know.
  6. I was working on an Affinity Photo project in the Digital Photo magazine (Tssue 232) and came across a problem. They give you 4 files to download, which I did successfully, you are supposed to open the portrait image, then copy it (CTR+C (in Windows)), then open the frame image, open it then paste the portrait image (CTR+V) into it, BUT when I did this it pasted, but as a very small image at the top left corner. I have tried this several times with the same result The files are on <link removed>. I will try to find the individual files on my computer nd forward them to yo if you cannot a
  7. I downloaded and edited into readable form (i. e. I have introduced spacing between the word to make it readable!) but I have run into the problem that when I try to invert the text to make it easily read and save black ink, Affinity Photo makes rather poor job of it. By this I mean that it is not a true inversion i.e. more grey than black.
  8. Thank you all for assisting me in my (wife's) problem. The last request is how exactly did you do this? As a special thank you I, hopefully attach a Christmas greeting produced with Page Plus, and a CD from Serif which includes Victorian graphics.
  9. Thank you all for your replies to my query. I know I am classified as a Novice in Affinity, but believe it or not, my first excursion into Serif Programes (proper English spelling!) was before I even had a PC, with Page Plus 3 (THREE), supplied on 3½" discs! I fell for Serif immediately, as their Manuals were readable, unlike Microsofts! To return to my query, my idea about that grid is to change its colour to the complementary colour of which it is on (if you see what I mean?) --- cyan on the red and yellow on the blue. Being a keen amateur photographer, I am aware of this. Man
  10. My wife is an avid knltter and has recently got herself a pattern fraturing "Santa", which involves at least six different colours. The pattern has a grid of black lines, which are difficult to see on some of the main colours, even on his white beard, believe it or not! The pattern is printed with A4 sized pages, which make it even difficult to see the grid being minute in size. I have scanned it in and hope to enlarge it, but am up against the problem of some of the grid lines being difficult to see against the background colours; hence my request about changing their colour. The pattern is
  11. Hi Walt, Thanks for your advice, when I tried it, it worked! I am rather surprised that Serif left out the scan option they had in Page Plus and Photo Plus, it would have made it easier and more direct. All the best for Christmas and 2020, Merok 1 (Bertie)
  12. Thanks for all your replies to my query about locking/unlocking, I respectfully suggest that you haven't read it properly! Please see the attached to make it clearer.
  13. I am working through the Affinity Photo Workbook and up to page 125 everything has worked reasonably well (perhaps any snags were my fault!) BUT I have found a snag on page 126 --- when I tried the Lock on the Tone boost layer it didn't work! I have tried this several times, but still I can move the layer, even with the "padlock" activated. I have also tried it the previous exercise, with the same result. Is there a glitz with my copy of Affinity Photo, or am I doing something wrong? Help?
  14. I would like to use 2 photographs as 2 layers to make a compositional photograph, please.
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