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    arez got a reaction from Gizbo in Vimeo in Spanish   
    Hola,  Gizbo!
    Qué alegría me das, muchísimas gracias, :D de verdad.... mi inglés es lo justito para  hacerme entender,  y escuchar pelis con algo de subtítulo, pero no para aprender un tutorial en inglés de un programa nuevo.
    He estado mirándolo y claro, uno está tan fusionado con PS que noto mucho la diferencia, pero claro, en realidad todavía no lo he tocado.
    Agradezco  mucho tu apunte.
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    arez got a reaction from SrPx in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi  :)
    Excuse my English, it's very basic.
    I am addicted to mac and photoshop ... and today I start the ten days free with the trial.
    I want to check that I can work without Photoshop, (after many years) and especially without paying the excessive amount for me of Creative Cloud.
    It would be great to get it!
    I trust in these days to know if I can work with AF I will look for in the forum your posts and advice, therefore, thanks to all those who have previously helped to form this forum of learning and consultations.
    From Madrid, greetings to all, especially to the developers of AF that I do not name because they are a lot ;)

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