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  1. OneClickAway

    [Beta] Still no Pen Mode option

    Good point. Think about the stylus/pen in the broadest sense of what hardware requires programming for it to function. Cheers! Scott
  2. OneClickAway

    [Beta] Still no Pen Mode option

    I am in the imminent process of purchasing a replacement computer. Ideally a 2 in 1 and in particular the MS Surface Pro 2 in the hope that I can remove an external Cintq stylus by using the tablet feature with the MS stylus. I bump this topic as it is critical for my photo editing and illustration.
  3. Hey, Does Affinity Photo have a 'slide viewer' or similar/equivalent options? Thanks, Scott
  4. Where do I locate the 'delete' feature once selected? Scott
  5. OneClickAway


    I'm in the same position, but haven't been able to find an answer yet.
  6. OneClickAway

    Batch editting

    Hi, I'm surprised to hear that Affinity doesn't allow for the equivalent of 'batch editing' by Adobe. IThe concept of creating settings and applying it to one photo at a time is quite disappointing for me. Sigh!