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  1. I'd followed the instructions to the letter. But I did discover the problem – for some reason Drop Caps was checked! How on earth??? Thanks anyway for your help.
  2. I'm (just about) managing to cope with numbering pages for a book, but after inserting the text into the frame on the master page, the page number appears absolutely enormous – to make it look sensible I have to reduce the font size to about 4pt. Am I doing something wrong? I normally use InDesign, which doesn't have that problem.
  3. That's the question I asked on another thread, Mark. It's an exact parallel with Word – you might hate it but if everyone else uses it then you have to be able to send them something they can work with. So... if importing from ID is in the plan, is exporting, too?
  4. Cheers. I'm sure you must be getting fed up trying to keep on top of all this. But it does at least show how strong the demand is for Publisher.
  5. A bit brusque? I do understand that you're trying to get all the threads together, but mine was about export as well. And I've had to find the print dialogue myself, which is quite well concealed. Do you want feedback? As I've said elsewhere, it's great to see Publisher out at last, even if just as a beta version.
  6. Many users will be hoping that Publisher can be genuine competitor to InDesign – and one that's not subscription-only at that. What options will there be for importing and exporting into .INDD files, say? Also, InDesign offers many print output options, from very Press Quality down to small files. Will Publisher eventually do that? There are probably other things, too. I'd just like to know if it will be possible for Publisher users to work alongside InDesign.
  7. OK, Dave, that seems to work, thanks. I find the connecting lines rather obtrusive – if they have to be there I'd suggest a much lighter colour. It's not quite intuitive. But I get the impression that things like guide lines and so on are the sort of little touches you're still working on.
  8. I'm struggling with linked text frames, too. I'm experimenting with a book Ive already published on InDesign. Do I have to link each of the frames separately to the preceding one, all 300-400 pages? In ID you can hold a combination of keys down and the text just flows through all the pages once you click the little link on the right of the first text frame. But I welcome Publisher's arrival at last.
  9. The non-appearance of Affinity Publisher (Mac version) is indeed really frustrating, but so too is Affinity's silence. Adobe InDesign is a wonderful program but for occasional users it's far too expensive – at getting on for £20 per month it's outrageous for anyone who's not actually earning a living from it. What everyone is looking for is a publishing app that we can buy outright, and not at Adobe prices. If it costs £100-£150, though, so be it. (Although low prices attract far more 'let's gove it a try, there's not a lot to lose' customers.) If Affinity is close to admitting defeat on this, I think we'd all rather know. This isn't fair.
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