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  1. I'm trying to locate the Affinity Designer Workbook Manual resource files... At the beginning of each chapter in the book, there is a URL - to get the resource files. However, with the exception of the First chapter, these URL's lead nowhere... I was wondering if anyone has managed to find them all?... I personally think that paying out £40.00 for the book - that claims the resource files are available for download, & they're obviously not, is a bit of a rip-off. I'm very surprised at this, as I've used Serif products for years - right back as far as Pageplus Intro & I've always found their support & quality of everything they do to be head & shoulders above anyone else.. If anyone knows where to get these files, please make it public, so the rest of us who bought the manual can finally get our moneys worth from it eh?...
  2. I've managed to access & download the resource files for the first chapter - for the Affinity Designer manual, but all other chapter download URL's - for the subsequent chapters do not seem to exist... Does anyone know where I can download them from?...