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  1. Sorry, Silver can't help with that one. I'm only using Photo AP and not Designer. I was using refine yesterday quite extensively and no problems. The only tenuous link I can think of is when I experience an Affinity Photo crash I have to reinstall my tablet driver.
  2. Just downloaded the latest version of AP 1,6.1.93 and guess what the selection brush works better and faster and is far more predictable. There is also a noticeable increase in speed when loading a file. It's not an easy task developing software but, at least Serif listen and try to get things right, which I can live with.
  3. I'm experiencing the same problem. The selection brush is very erratic and can take seconds before selecting. Another problem I have with the selection brush is when selecting with a pen & graphics tablet , Affinity Photo just shuts down and all the work is lost. Is there a bug?
  4. Hi Mark, thanks for your input and the prompt attention to the problem. It's nice to know that somebody takes notice of your plight. Regards NigelfromRishton
  5. Hi Gnobelix, thanks for the tip. Reinstalled latest driver and all seem OK. I thought I had the latest driver. When I tried through control panel, and devices & printers, install latest driver I was informed I had the latest. Again thanks for the advice and once again I am a happy bunny.
  6. Hi, yes I have set High Precision but still not working. If i start to open Photo and move the graphics tablet pen consistently. It keeps moving on the opening screen and then stops when I point to any function. ie open, edit and so on. I've attached the log file as requested. Hope this makes sense. AppData-Roaming-Affinity-Photo-1.0-log.txt
  7. Hi I've just upgraded to version 1.6 on Windows 8.1 PC. The first thing I noticed is my Huion H610 Pro Graphics Tablet has stopped working. I can use the mouse ok and on all programs the Tablet is working perfectly. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. I have updated to version 1.6 of Photo and my Huion 610 Graphics Tablet has stopped working. 


    Any ideas please?

    1. Patrick Connor

      Patrick Connor

      Status areas are used to say what you are thinking or doing and not really for support question.

      Please post this again in the bugs section or questions section where it can be seen by all forum members and staff 

    2. Nigelfromrishton


      Ok Thanks for that 

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