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  1. Hello: I created a one page document with the Gill Sans font (Regular and Bold). When I exported the document as a pdf, there were several text sections that appeared incorrectly (CEO name in the middle and Office Director and Office Coordinator to the right). When I changed the font to Helvetica in those areas, and re-exported them, the fonts appeared correctly. When I exported the original document as a jpg, it appeared correctly. #1 Helvetica Version #2 Gill Sans Version #3 Gill Sans Version saved as jpg Thanks, Peter
  2. sportyguy209

    Font issue with PDFs

    I just tried that. No change. But, it really doesn't matter since it works correctly on the new computer. Thanks for your thoughts on the subject!
  3. sportyguy209

    Font issue with PDFs

    The Mac I was unable to create a pdf on correctly is a MacBook Pro. I tried restarting in safe mode and then restarting again which is supposed to clear the font cache. I still had the same problem after doing so.
  4. sportyguy209

    Font issue with PDFs

    Hello Gabe: I just upgraded my computer to the new MacBook Pro (using a complete backup of the old one) and it worked fine. I went back to my old MacBook Pro and it still didn't work. So, I'm guessing it wasn't a problem with Publisher, but with something specific to my old computer. Sorry about that! Sincerely, Peter
  5. sportyguy209

    Font Size

    Hello: This may be a bug or just an oversight. If there is type in a paragraph that is say, 34 pts. And, you replace a word with a different size type, say 14 pts, and you select all, typically you would expect to see nothing for the type size (because there are two different sizes selected), but AD displays 34 pts for all. Screenshot attached... Thanks,
  6. sportyguy209

    Picture Properties

    Hello MEB: Thank you for the explanation. I was incredibly confused as to why I couldn't access the same options with the arrow tool on two different jpgs. If I place an image versus creating a picture box first and inserting, what is the reason for having different options for the images? I may be wrong, but this is what I've found: Image 1 — When creating a picture box first and then inserting a photo, Properties becomes available, and you can resize and move the photo within the frame. Image 2 — If you drag a photo into the document or place it, you don't have access to Properties and can only resize the image proportionally and rotate it. Thanks, Peter
  7. Hello: So, I duplicate some files in the finder and renamed them. If Affinity Designer is open and I double click on the duplicated files, I try to Command-O to open them, or I try through File/Open, I get the following error message "Failed to open file...This file could not be opened because permission was denied." If I quit AD and then try the same thing, they open fine. Thanks, Peter
  8. Hello: Designer keeps crashing when I try to print the attached file, even after a restart. I am able to create a pdf and print that, just can't print this file from Designer. I'm using Designer 1.7.2 and MacOS 10.14.6 on a MacBook Pro with 16 gb of memory. Other files print fine. Thanks, Peter USA T-Shirt.afdesign
  9. Hello DWright: That must have been it. The embedded image was rgb and the document was cmyk. When I updated the document to RGB, it didn't crash when I tried to print. Still, I don't think this is the most graceful result from such a thing. :-) Thanks,
  10. sportyguy209

    Failed to open file

    Hello Sean: Understood. Is your software coded the same regardless of whether it is purchased directly from you or through the App Store? Thanks,
  11. sportyguy209

    Failed to open file

    Hello Sean: That could be it. I tried it on a more stripped down machine and didn't run into the same issues. It's an annoying issue as it makes me quit and reopen a number of times while working on a project. And, I don't recall it occurring with InDesign, Quark, or Illustrator. But, I'll try to narrow down the number of fonts I have open for the time being. Thanks,
  12. sportyguy209

    Font Size

    You're right. It works for me in the context toolbar too. Didn't think of checking that.
  13. sportyguy209

    Failed to open file

    Hello: I had AD open with no document, went to the desktop, option dragged to copy three files, then choose the three files, and chose Command Option to open them and got the error message. Thanks, IMG_2428.MOV
  14. Hello: Congratulations on the release of Publisher!!! I created several picture frames. One was for a photo and one was for an afdesign file. The photo shows the graphic specifications when selected, but the afdesign doesn't. Shouldn't it? Thanks, Peter
  15. sportyguy209

    [By Design] Graphic Specs

    Pity on that. I think sizing should be included for those files. But, thanks for the answer. :-)
  16. Bug?: I opened a 18 page pdf (attached) in the latest version of Publisher without saving it. I selected pages 13, 14, and 15, clicked on the duplicate icon and only 14 and 15 duplicated. I tried this with several existing pdf documents and had the same issue. When I immediately saved the new document in native format, and tried duplicating the same pages, it worked correctly. Don't know if this matters to you or not. :-) Suggestion: When you click the icon to add a page you are asked where you want to add it "Before/After" and the page number. I'd like the same feature for duplication. For example, if I select pages 15, 16, and 17, and choose the duplicate icon, it would be nice to get a prompt where I want to add them...:-) Thanks! Classic_2019.pdf
  17. sportyguy209

    Multi-Page Duplication of Existing PDF

    Hello Gabe: It's working now. Thanks, Peter
  18. I have an Affinity Publisher document and would like to move multiple pages from another AP document or a pdf into it. It would be nice if I could drag a series of pages from one document into the other. The only way I can see adding the pages is manually, one at a time. Am I missing an easier way? Thanks
  19. Hello Darius: Are you using the latest beta to view your document?
  20. sportyguy209

    Image Cropping

    +1 to crop from selection
  21. Thanks, I'm using macOS! Yes, the problem is with the contrast. I have fairly good vision, but the difference still isn't very apparent. AI's highlights are subtle, but still much clearer. Please consider this a suggestion for improvement. :-)
  22. I started with the attached pdf since I didn't have access to the original ai file. Then, I imported the pdf into Affinity Designer. Tried to figure out the bleeds, then came to your forum comments where you mentioned that the beta added the ability to view bleeds. So, I downloaded the beta where I could view the bleed borders, but not the content. I figured out that if I copied and pasted one page at a time, I could view the content of the bleeds. It may simply be that I don't know Affinity Designer very well that was causing me problems. One other off topic issue I have with your products...and I now own, Designer, Photo, and will purchase Publisher...is when I choose a different tool, since the highlight color is so dark, I end up clicking several times on it thinking it hasn't been selected. :-( Thanks! Rack_Card.pdf
  23. I just dowloaded the beta version and see a blank rectangular outline around the page for the bleed space when I choose "view bleed." How do I view the actual content in the bleed? I just created a new document and got it to work. What could be happening with the old document? Never mind, I got it to work by copying the page and pasting it to a new document.:-) Thanks.
  24. sportyguy209

    Printing Issue

    I created a graphic in Photoshop 6.0 with text (looks fine in PS and Photo). Imported the graphic into Publisher. Saved it as pdf, looks fine, prints fine. Printed the document from Publisher, and the text "Classic" got jumbled. Skyhoundz Classic Certificates.pdf
  25. Please add an icon on each graphic that is missing in a document. While I am very grateful, you now have an alert in opening a document with a missing graphic, it would be very helpful, if the program would highlight any missing graphics with an icon to highlight them. As a user, I many not choose to update the missing graphics when I open a document, but I might want to after the document is open. I know I can use the Resource Manager to find them, but having a graphic representation for them as I go through my document would be nice. Thanks!

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