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  1. @R C-R thanks for your response. Yes I tried, and no I was not able to save from Affinity directly to "Macintosh HD" (outside of the Home folder). I did not try saving outside of my startup drive since I only have that one drive on this laptop. I tried running "Disk Utility" specifically because moderator, @Chris B, said above "Usually running First Aid via Disk Utility fixes this issue." Unfortunately, in reading through the thread before, I missed your link to the Apple knowledge base article, so I didn't try those instructions. You said, "As explained above, running Disk Utility will not repair permissions of anything in a user's home folder." However, if you reread you original post, you'll see that you did not explain that in your reply above, nor does the Apple article you liked to explain that. Now that I've read the Apple article, I still don't think that it would have helped. The reason is that before I closed the Affinity app, I had also tried saving a few different kinds of files from a few other applications (both saving files within the Home folder and outside of it). Since those other applications were all able to save files to any location without issue, doesn't that prove that Affinity's being unable to save could not have been related to Home folder permissions?
  2. I just encountered the same bug in Affinity Photo. It's a critical bug because it could cause lost work! MacOS 10.13.6, Affinity Photo 1.6.7 It's an intermittent bug, so installing the beta won't help identify this issue. This is clearly not a "disk utility" or "permissions" issue because no other software on my Mac had trouble saving files. I ran disk utility anyway, and it found no errors, as expected. I tried saving to several different locations, and tried using several different file names Luckily for me, I force quit Affinity, then reopened, and the recovery file opened. I was then able to save my work - bug no longer present.
  3. @gdenby Thanks! I would have never discovered this on my own.
  4. +1 Anti-aliased selections are often essential. I rarely want a pixelated selection edge, nor a feathered (i.e. blurred) selection edge.
  5. I'm using a Macbook Pro with Touch Bar (BTW, love Affinity's touch bar support!). The gesture I'm using is two-finger dragging - i.e. click and hold with one finger, then slide the other finger. It's not a problem since I can just retrain myself to use one-finger drag and three-finger drag. But I do think this is a bug in Affinity. For example, if I two-finger drag a file in a Finder window, it will not cause the window to scroll.
  6. Another reason for implementing the ability to turn off "auto select" is that it allows you to move an object while your mouse cursor is not on top of it. Sometimes the mouse cursor is distracting when you're trying to place an object.
  7. I'm using Affinity on a trackpad (OSX). When I drag an object sometimes the canvas scrolls (moves) a bit too). This happens most frequently when I'm selecting the object and dragging at the same time, but it can also happen when I'm dragging an object that's already selected. They key to preventing it is to deliberately pause between clicking the object and making the drag gesture. Has anyone else seen this? Maybe Affinity is perceiving the drag gesture as a scroll gesture (both two-finger gestures)? Is there some way to disable two-finger canvas scrolling?
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