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  1. Crashed again today. Same situation. Making rapid brush strokes results in an unhandled exception.
  2. It wasn't just for teeth as I would guess that the same method could be used for other adjustments as well. Thanks for the links, I'll have a look at them.
  3. Is there a way to selectively do the same kind of adjustment in AP. The HSL control in AP doesn't provide a range the way the PS control does. Youtube Video - Teeth Whitening in PS Note: I tried using the selection brush but unless you outline the teeth perfectly, you end up with white patches on the gums. The PS method is much simpler and more accurate.
  4. Anything further on these. Do the crash reports give you the info that you need?
  5. Attached are three .dmp files from crashes that I had today. The most recent happened when I was trying to stack five big files. CrashReports.zip
  6. The Previous Report Crashed on me 3 times in about the last 1/2 hour. Not doing anything special. In one case just touching up a photo. One time it happened when I was airbrushing some colour (using paint tool). The others were in different situations (but I don't remember exactly what I was doing. It shows the box for an un-handled exception and once I close that, it goes into a busy state and doesn't respond. I have been using Affinity Photo for a while (on previous releases) and didn't have any problems (nothing else changed at my end). Tonight's Problem It crashed a couple of times. I
  7. Just crashed again. Memory usage on the machine was over 80%. I was using the Selection Brush at the time. It sent you a crash report.
  8. I did some further experimenting this morning and this time, I couldn't get it to crash. The only difference I can see is that memory on my machine was probably 70 -80% full when I was getting the crashes. Today it's more in the range of 50 - 60%. I'll have to try filling it back up and trying it again.
  9. Did you get the dump/log that the app supposedly sent to you after one of the crashes?
  10. It isn't document specific. I was able to recreate the problem with this document in a matter of minutes. DSCF2778_pseudo-IR_b.afphoto
  11. It crashed on me a number of times. In most/all cases, I was using the paint tool to do a bit of air brushing. Once I close the "Unhandled Exception" box, it goes into a busy state and doesn't respond. I have been using Affinity Photo for a while (on previous releases) and didn't have any problems (nothing else changed at my end). The most recent time, it sent a crash report to you.
  12. What does Aff Photo use to determine that an image is 'unprofiled.' Just to be sure, I downloaded the file that I sent you the link for. I had a look at the EXIF info and it shows: Photometric Interpretation: RGB Color Space Data: RGB (in ICC Header) Profile Description: sRGB (in ICC_Profile) FYI: DCRaw defaults to sRGB (-o 1) so it puts in the 3 fields shown above and thinks that this is adequate to define it as sRGB. Maybe Photo is looking at some other field(s) as well.
  13. I looked through a number of previous posts on this topic and that didn't lead to an obvious answer. This is the situation: Loading a raw file (RAF) or the JPEG thumbnail from it works fine and everything looks normal. Loading a .tiff file converted from the RAF file (using DCRaw) triggers the warning about using a default profile (sRGB) because it is an unprofiled document. It creates a very dark over-saturated image in Affinity. This .tiff can be opened in other applications (e.g. Windows Photo Viewer) and displays correctly. Everything is defined as sRGB (the camera, the file, the monitor
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