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  1. Relevant to my earlier reply, I just received this notice from the Photo Supreme folks: "MediaPro to Photo Supreme discount MediaPro™ by PhaseOne was announced to be discontinued as of August 30, 2018. If you're an existing MediaPro user in need of extensive DAM features then you may want to consider Photo Supreme as your new DAM tool of choice. Many former MediaPro users have already made the switch. MediaPro users can now switch to Photo Supreme with a 15% additional discount. Please send a proof of purchase* to support@idimager.com and get your coupon code today. * Proof of purchase could be a purchase email confirmation or a screenshot that shows the registered state of MediaPro."
  2. I have used many digital asset management programs over the years, starting with, if I remember correctly, Canto Cumulus. In most cases, I invested many hours building useful image databases that became unusable due to the program being abandoned or not being supported on a platform that I needed to use. The program I use and have used for several years is Photo Supreme by Idimager. It is provided both on Macs and PCs, is very capable in handling metadata, performs well with my 70,000 image database (even on my aged PC), has strong developer and user forum support. Importantly, it provides a mechanism by which you can move your images to a different DAM and retain the metadata that you have associated with each image. This can save many, many hours of work. It is not free, but I find it very well-priced for its value to me. I highly recommend Photo Supreme. David P
  3. Thank you for the answer and the suggestion, Lee. I do hope the ability to use .afphoto files will be added in the future. It would allow for a much simpler workflow in this sort of situation. David P
  4. The raw images out of my Sony DSC-RX100 have barrel distortion which seems to be corrected properly when I open one image for processing. However when I try to add multiple images in HDR merge the barrel distortion is not corrected. David P
  5. I used Affinity Photo to convert three raw files to afphoto files. I then tried to create an HDR image by adding the three .afphoto files, but none of them would show up in the add dialog. Two questions: are .afphoto files really not supported for HDR merge? if the answer to 1 is true, what is a good workflow to go from raw to HDR? - DavidP
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