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  1. Maybe I am missing something but when I select to import a RAW file from the cloud it takes me directly to a screen to upgrade or sign up for iCloud Drive. I don't use this service and would prefer to import from Google Drive. The video tutorial show Google Drive as an option but my screen doesn't match the one in the video. How do I make Google Drive my cloud default? Also, it would be better to be able to import RAW files directly from the Photos app. That would save a step and not require uploading the files to a cloud provider.
  2. Hi, Just thought I would check back on this issue as I would like to do a trial but I have OS X 10.8.5 Thanks.
  3. Just thought I would check back on this to see if the trial version has been fixed yet? Thanks.
  4. Thank you. Does the current non-trial version work correctly with 10.8.5?
  5. Hi, I just downloaded the 10 day free trial of Affinity Photo for Mac OS X. My Mac meets the system requirements. I am running 10.8.5. 16GB Ram. 2.8 GHz Core i7. The download went smoothly and I dragged it to the Applications folder. However, when I tried to open the program it first did a verification (no error message) then nothing happens. When I double click on the Affinity icon in the Applications folder nothing happens there either. I tried to reinstall but no luck with that. Any suggestions? I would really like to try it out before the trial ends. Thanks!
  6. Hello, Contemplating buying Affinity version 5.1.1 to be able to work with RAW files from my new OM-D E-M1 Mark II. Just wanted to confirm that this camera is supported as it doesn't appear in the list. However, from what I read in this thread it sounds like it should work fine. Thanks.
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