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  1. Beta, sport. Confusing. In any case, other users chipped in to help out. Sorry you couldn't be bothered.
  2. And so that IS the list, then. I guess both my questions are answered. Thank you for your, um, help.
  3. The list posted on the link seems to be dated over 1 (one) year ago and is represented as Beta support. I own an Oluympus camera, EM1 MkII, that was released last December. How serious are you guys about serious photographers? Is that Beta list the best list you have?
  4. My first DLSR ever was an E-510, which I think almost wore out. My second was an E-M10 which was a worthy upgrade but not a particular revelation. The E-M1.2 is insanely better than any camera I have ever used. And I have only begun to dig into the settings to configure it. I am really intrigued by the High Res Mode, HDR and anticipatory still buffering. As to Affinity RAW support. I am surprised that the E-M1.2 isn't listed. Maybe they use an open source profile repository and don't know themselves. As with Affinity Photo, I am suspicious of Photo's E-M1.2 RAW support. Nowhere does Apple show E-M1.2 RAW support as near as I can determine. The concern is that an app will somehow figure out how to render a file and even acknowledge the camera from which the file came, but not be using a profile that is correct and/or to have missing features. Or not. I just don't know. Support of a major new camera would seem to be something you'd want to announce. Just sayin'
  5. I just purchased an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mk2 and have been shooting for a couple of days. It came time upload the RAW images and work with them. I expected only Olympus Viewer 3 to have the only profile for the new camera. I had just bought Affinity Photo 1.5.1 and tried opening one of the .ORF (Olympus' RAW file extension) and was quite surprised that AP recognized the file with no issues. This happy surprise does not appear to be documented and I am not sure which of Affinity's package files or application support files hold the database so I could see it listed. Anyway, for what it's worth I am much happier with AP's brilliant UI versus OV3's clunky, confusing one.
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