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  1. Check out my post of August 5th for the cure.
  2. See my post immediately above yours.  Did restarting Affinity with the Ctrl key held down allow you to reset the macros?

  3. CURED !, Here's how: 1) Close the program (I hate the word "app" it smacks of zombies walking around with their noses in their iPhones bumping into people and lamp-posts). 2) Hold the "Ctrl" key down and re-open Affinity. Up comes a reset schedule. 3) Make sure "Reset macros" is ticked. Hit enter. Voila, macro library reinstated ! A silly bug that should have been sorted by now., Have spent many wasted hours trying to work around it.
  4. Has this been fixed yet? I have had the same problem from the start. The most recent update did not address the issue. For me, this is a critical issue and negates all the benefits of Affinity. I may have to revert to PS if this isn't sorted soon.
  5. My copy of (recently updated) Affinity in Windows 10 does not allow macros to be added to the Library. Very strange! Clicking the "Add Macro to Library" icon does nothing at all. I had hoped this would have been resolved in the latest update, but not so. Grrr! I have over 3,000 images all requiring the same process prior to adding to a new publication. . . . .
  6. Please make it much easier / possible to add a border with choice of colour and a choice of width (aka Key Lines) for projected images. Typically, a default of white, 1 or 2 pixel(s). These are demanded by most national and international associations when entering competitions or for general display.
  7. Windows version when in Batch Job, does not show the Macro Library or allow macros to be accessed. This is an essential part of image processing for me and, I imagine, many others too. I suspect it is available to Mac users, however.
  8. Affinity Photo v Windows 10.1 Macros are saved as *.afmacro files. But Macro Library only recognises *afmacros files. So a saved macro is not visible to Library - import macros. In fact, an *afmacro file is entirely invisible to A.P.. Adding the missing final "s" to the file name does not cure the problem as Affinity Photo then declares the renamed *macros file as having an "Unexpected Macros Format".´╗┐ A macro can be saved but not used again. I have 770 images files in need of a macro-driven batch job. Please tell me I don't have to do it manually, 770 times.
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