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  1. Vote for plugins and open format: these are in (ok, open format file is going to be in the upcoming v43) Sketch, let's say, and simplicity with flexibility both are what make it so good piece of software.
  2. Share your point. Though digital book's going to be outdated absolutely the same way as the paper one, unless author doesn't provide free updates, digital copy costs a bit less - shipment payment (for some places it's quite huge) and waiting time = economy + you can take digital copy on your Kindle / any reader when you do travel or just moving in the city. It's bit productivity advantage. So to pay more for what I'll get only less from... it's not rational.
  3. Hello. I’m considering Affinity Designer as replacement for my current Illustrator / Photoshop + Sketch ui design setup but could Affinity beat Sketch, actually, especially considering upcoming Sketch v43 with a new file format: https://medium.com/sketch-app-sources/sketch-43-is-coming-to-town-with-a-new-game-an-open-file-format-ae62e7e7c223#.581t0fpg5 ? Correct me if I’m wrong (haven’t practically tried AD yet, so don’t throw stones, please :) ) but I see Affinity mainly as “advanced” Sketch currently, something as transition between Sketch to Illustrator with web designing mode of Photoshop, so switching to AD partly depends on what could offer Sketch and what could answer Affinity and partly on advantages over Adobe CC. Speaking about about Adobe CC, main advantage is pricing, of course, but how does AD practically compare to Adobe CC + Sketch workflow in terms of efficiency, including integration with other tools, from your personal experience? Thank you.
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