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  1. I just did it, it should be in your dropbox now (file name: Bug-export-arnofaure) Thanks for your help Meb.
  2. Hello Meb, I'm sorry but I still can't upload my file on your dropbox. Is it normal? Thanks.
  3. Hi Meb, Thanks. I tried to drag and drop my file on your dropbox folder but it didn't work. Is it normal?
  4. Hi, I did use all the resampler and the results are the same :(
  5. Hello, I have a bug with Affinity Designer when I export my artboard. Everything looks fine in Affinity Designer, sharp lines,.. it's great. (cf attached file 1.jpg): ) but when I export my artboard, the lines are not sharp anymore, they look like "stairs" (cf attached file 2.jpg and 3.png): I tried to export in jpg, png and it's the same. (in psd and svg it seems fine but useless in my case). Do you know this issue? Thanks