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  1. Hello, I noticed that if I decrease the size of an illustration all effects, styles, lines and so on do not decrease their size properly. What can I do?
  2. I am very happy with this new update. I think that Affinity Designer is one of the best software for making graphics and in a short time will be able to reach the illustrious Illustrator (blazoned because currently used by most professionals). In any case, I can confess that these days I have concluded with Affinity Designer a work that for years has always been done with Adobe Illustrator: the calendar of an Italian government agency. Having said that, I am very disappointed that a tool for text deformation has not yet been inserted. I think this is a very important function for those who do graphics and illustration. I hope that this function can be undeclared as soon as possible, we miss it.
  3. Hello to everyone, a simple question: have I problem to create with Designer a book about 200 pages? What kind problem can I find? Can I use Designer like InDesign or similar app? Thanks
  4. Mhhh...thank to everyone. I have a mac so PagePlus is a bad alternative. I could pay for Serif, but do you know if I'll take a rebate in future Affinity Publisher? Thanks
  5. Mhhh, If I have understood: I create a unique table where I put in every single month (these are tables too). Here I put every guides and set position of every element. Then I cancel this "master board" and recreate single tables with mounth. Correct?
  6. Hello to everyone, I'm making a calendar. I need to set every day and number of the week with precise distance and position. So I think to put every table one on one and then set several guides to check the position, and so on. But if I put a guide in a table this is not seen in other table. So there is a way to display same guide in every tables? Sorry for my bad english, I hope that you mean that I write...
  7. Hello there, sorry for my english...I have noticed that when I rasterize text in Photo and then I apply a "wrap" to modellate text, it is with a very bad rendering. There is a way to fix that problem? For example the text logo "Oltreloschermo" is very bad...with more sharp appeal...do you think?