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  1. 1) You need to not unpress CTRL until you place your duplicated object. If you not do this, you will end with your "origin" object moved where your cursor is. 2) Duplicating causes enormous amount of lags, until you finish duplicating.
  2. Any time I need to move something by certain amount of measure, I need to open settings and modify option there. Adding nudge widget to the toolbar, or adding a setting to the transform menu could do the thing.
  3. Perfarator

    "Nudge" setting placement

    Sometime you need to move object more than once, so modif nudge option hassle-free would be better, than entering formulas multiple times.
  4. Opening alignment drop-menu and applying it is more time consuming, than the using "Align" toolbar widget, but widget is forced to align by the selection box. There should be an option to set the default aligning method.
  5. >I think you're asking to be able to change that default. You're right
  6. Ow, now I see. It's sad that there is no Russian dictionary, hope it will be implemented soon. Thanks for the answer!
  7. For example, I have this two objects in my document: the logo one and text one, for example. Here's the pic: I want to center logo relatively to text. First, I select logo. Then text. Then align center, and BAM!: The text one has moved too! Well, it's bad for me, now I need to move them both. Is there a way to lock position of object that I want center on? Thank you for any help and sorry for bad English! Feel free to fix me.
  8. Perfarator

    [AD Win] Aligning

    I want to get this thread to top for a bit, because at last we got with 1.6 some new aligning features! But, there is something I need to say: expanding panel right now has "last selected" option that works definitely as I requested on this thread, but non-expanding toolbar works on it's own, without any ability for define aligning mode for user.
  9. This thread is not about object boundaries. How I can turn on snapping to paths to snap guide for this square-like thingy right there?
  10. http://imgur.com/pJOriQW I try to cut out selected but if I select Cut, it cuts the whole layer! Any suggestions?
  11. This thing is essential.
  12. We achieved accurate colors in offset (Ryobi 522) with ISO Coated v2 (ECI) color profile. How I can use it in Affinity?
  13. How to make white default background transparent for PNGs?
  14. Self-explanatory. Yes, we can save history, but something may go wrong. Please, make an option to automatically add preffix\suffix\whatever to old file name before being replaced by newly saved one.
  15. Explain me like I'm five about the Snapshots, please.
  16. When you need to move something for like 30mm for them CtP's, for example, you need to move all of objects down, open Preferences, adjust nudge modifier and move. This looks a bit unefficient. Would be good if we had this top toolbar items to adjust nudge modifier, look and edit object size and position. Is it wurf waiting for this? Thanks a lot, Affinity and keep up a good work!

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