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  1. Hi Hokusai, Thanks a lot for the response - and for the link: very helpful. So it seems that AD is just not capable of exporting shading/gradients in EPS in a way that is reliable for stock images. Pity, I like AD (and AP). R
  2. HI, I am very new to the vector drawing idea, so exploring my way slowly. I have a contributor account with Shutterstock and have tried creating some simple vector drawings for submission. One problem I have is that if I use the Gradient Tool to create shading, then the EPS files submmitted to Shutterstck are always rejected, probably due to some rasterising issue. (I do select rasterise nothing in the export dialogue). I know Shutterstock can be very picky about these things, so is there some set procedure to follow on AD that can make this work? Thanks.
  3. Hi Sean, I have not found any repeatably way to induce this - it just happens now and again. I've had a look in the DiagnosticsReport folder, but there is nothing for Affinity. So not a lot of help, sorry. I think I have sent crash reports to Apple on this, but don't know any way of looking these up now. It happened again today - the Mac had been left idle for a while, I came back on and was working on another app and then it just froze up. On this occasion I had to hold the power button to force a shut down, so can't be sure AP was the culprit, but from previous experience, I would say that it likely was. Anyhow, Next time I will copy the report that gets sent to Apple and let you know. Ralph
  4. Thanks for the advice. First step then is to pick up a stylus (Bamboo Fineline maybe) and then give Astropad a whirl.
  5. Hi all, I have been thinking about buying a drawing tablet to use with Affinity Designer and have spent a bit of time trying to make sense of all the options. Then it occurred to me that I have a (rather elderly) iPad 2 lying almost unused and maybe that could be used as a drawing tablet...... And, heck, there are a lot of options here too. Two main questions to find answers to: which software to go for, and which stylus? After some reading, it looks like AstroPad is one good option, or Duet. No free trials unfortunately, so no chance to try them first. So I wonder if someone has been through this already and can recommend a combination that works well with AD - and will run on an iPad 2? Thanks a lot, Ralph
  6. Using OSX 10.12.5 and Photo 1.5.2 Not a big problem, but wonder if this is just me: I generally have Affinity Photo running on the Mac all the time, as I am usually 'fiddling' with a bunch of photos on a dip in and out basis. However, every now and then I find the Mac has almost frozen. The mouse will still react, but very slowly - it takes several seconds to respond. On each occasion I can usually manage to Force Quit AP and then normal function of the Mac is restored. Sometimes it happens when working with Photo and sometimes not, so it does not seem to be due to any particular action. Does AP keep an action report somewhere that might help work out what it was doing? Thanks, Ralph
  7. Hi Chris, Thanks for the quick reply. And thanks for the tip on using the Blemish tool instead. Works great. Ralph
  8. Hi, I am using AFP 1.5.2 on Mac OSX 10.12.5 Great app, love it. One issue I have though is this: one of my steps in editing photos is to zoom in close and check for small faults, using the in-painting brush to get rid of them. This process usually involves lots of single clicks, rather than any long strokes. But I find it regularly stalls, with the in-painting progress bar sitting for maybe 5 or 10 sec before finishing. So it is kind of; click, click, click..wait....click,click, click....wait...... Quite annoying. On some occasions I have had to wait about 1min for the in-painting process to finish. And these are all very small paints - I am zoomed in to 150 or 200%. Anyone else have this problem?
  9. I'd like to bump this topic again.... I was also having problems getting any vector drawings accepted by Shutterstock and have found this is due to the artboard size in the EPS file. Although the document size settings and the display on-screen all look ok in AD, if I open the EPS file in Adobe Illustrator (got a trial running on that at the moment), then the artboard is shown much smaller than the drawing. Resizing the artboard in AI and exporting the EPS from there, gives me a file that Shutterstock does accept. So it looks like, either I am not doing the EPS export correctly from AD - maybe missed some settings somewhere? - or AD is not creating the exported file correctly. Anyone got more info on this? (I really d not want to have to pay subs to Adobe, just so I can run files through AI for export) Thanks.
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