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  1. One of the issues is that Affinity doesn't recognize .tif consistently either! Here is an example. In a folder I have a bunch of files names *.tif. If I do Export, choose tif, the window that opens will not show other files that are named *.tif. Now I manually change the extension to three letters. I'm about to overwrite a file that I could not see in the file box! See attached gif
  2. .tiff is not always recognized by other apps. is it that hard to enable tif with a single f, Just a three letter extension like most other software?
  3. There has to be a way for the user to choose to save as .tif and not .tiff in windows. It is just silly having to rename every time I save. There are other apps that will only see the images if they are labeled *.tif
  4. When exporting EXRs from Affinity Photo, the Alpha channel is being exported as unassociated. Opening in other apps I have to convert it to pre-multiplied. Is there an option on Affinity to export EXRs with Associated alpha (premultiplied)?
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