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    Frequent freezing in Designer

    Hi First Post here. I've been loving Affinity Designer but I'm also getting the freezing issue. I tried a reset of everything as suggested (using ctrl at startup) and that works to some extent. Eventually it gets to the point where it freezes and a not responding message flashes up at the top of the window, then it goes back to working for a few seconds then freezes again. After the reset the time before freezes seems to be longer but I can only see it gradually getting worse. I'm trying to replace Illustrator and thought I could (I have managed to since I bought Affinity Designer once it came out of Beta) but this is causing my work to become painfully slow so I may have to go back to illustrator temporarily :(. The issue mainly occurs with website layouts with multiple artboards and a number of images in the document, but once the issue occurs it then seems to affect smaller documents too. I am running the full non beta version - My Computer specs are: Intel i5-6400 (with intel integratedHD 530 graphics chip), 16GB RAM, 250GB SSD, 1TB HD running 64bit Windows 10 home edition I really hope you can find a solution soon! Kind Regards Richard