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  1. meisterrossi

    psd-export - problems with editing vector layers in Photoshop

    Hi Chris, can you tell me which vector objects are converted to smart objects or how I can define them in AD? BR Jörg
  2. Hi there, I have exported an affinity designer-file to PSD. When I open it I can't see and edit the vector layers anymore (like in this version > screenshot). There are only pixel-layers. I exported the file with "editing options for photoshop". I remember that this worked versions before. AM I doing something wrong? Can anybody help? Thx. Jörg
  3. meisterrossi

    Snapshot deletes Slices

    Ok. Thx! The Devil's in detail, like always. I hope it will be fixed soon. Best Jörg
  4. meisterrossi

    Snapshot deletes Slices

    Attached the video file which shows my problem. BTW ... my AD-Version is 1.5.5 on a Mac. I hope it's not a user-generated-mistake ... Best Jörg snapshot-problem.mov
  5. meisterrossi

    Snapshot deletes Slices

    I've just uploaded that file. Before that I deleted some artboards to see if it has an effect on the filesize and it doesn't. So I think something is going wrong here. Could it depend on the amound of symbols? I'm looking forward for your replay. Best Jörg
  6. meisterrossi

    Snapshot deletes Slices

    Hi Sean, I have a file with many artboards for an app-design that's more than 1 GB at filesize including many picture etc. With that file the snapshot-function doesn't work. With small files it does. BR Jörg
  7. meisterrossi

    Snapshot deletes Slices

    Hello, when I use the snapshot dialog an create one or two, all my slices in the state are deleted. Also this function doesn't really work with big files. Are there any experiences or solutions with that? Best Jörg
  8. That would be very useful for developers, right. Or create an individual-export format, where developer get those information by hovering or something like that ... How nice that would be :D
  9. Hi MEB, here are Screenshots and text file with crash-info ... crash-details.rtf
  10. Hello! @Leigh, @MEB ... Has anybody tested my files? I would be very happy, if I could have an short answer or even a solution ;) Cheers, Jörg
  11. So then ... here come the files. Placing "skate-logo" into "test". Then doubleclick on the embedded Logo causes the crash. Skate-Logo.afdesign Test.afdesign
  12. Hello MEB, hello guys ... So it's only possible by external Link to attach files? No drop-Zone or direct upload? Oh sorry, this is a dokumentation-file .... video ... THX! :lol:
  13. I'd like to upload them but I can't find the attachement-Button B) I even couldn't find it in the settings to enable. Am I blind? :huh:
  14. I asked me the same question of functionality (like "simpatico" above) in my 1.5.4 trial version. Real-time Editing of embedded files doesn't work and psd-export with editing does also not work on. I'm working on a mac / os Sierra 10.12 Any ideas?
  15. Hi there, I use the trial-version of Affinity Designer 1.5.4. and i have a problem with the real-time editing of embedded files. When I doubleclick on the embedded graphic the programm crashes all the time. Is it possible that this feature is disabled in the trial-version Cheers, Jörg