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  1. +1 Parallel to a PDF for the professional printing of a small magazine, I produce a PDF for an online version on a website. The former PagePlus function 'create PDF bookmarks' was great for generating even hierarchical bookmarks of the content such as rubric A article 1 article 2 article 3 rubric B article 4 ... I could choose from textstyles (i.e. heading 1, heading 2) what should become a PDF bookmark automatically. And I could set bookmarks manually (to pages or anchors). I would love to see something similar in publisher, too! A premium feature would be, if I could even configure the bookmark style as far as PDF allows to choose the font, style and colour. (For this I have to switch to a PDF editor currently.)
  2. +1 Even if it would bei manually (without import from existing foot- / endnotes from a Word document).