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  1. WOW - That was awesome - Thank you - PS - I am English but have lived in Germany since 1993 - so guess which side of Brexit I am on... Thank you again
  2. Hello, Can someone point me to the tutorial that matches the below article mostly. I take photo's with my drone and more often than not I would like to just brighten an area of the photo as sometimes the photos are a bit flat. "In photo-processing the pros use a secret technique to rescue such flat lighting on images. We call it “painting with light”. No matter which post-processing software you use, there should be a brush tool where you can paint in some highlights and also some shadows" https://djiphotoacademy.com/fixing-flat-light-midday-drone-photo/ I am just amateur trying to improve my skills Thank you.
  3. Hello - I was watching one of the amazing Affinity tutorials on Vimeo - working with under exposure on a RAW image. Only a couple of changes were made to the RAW image then it was developed into a JPEG for further work. My question as complete novice is - why were not all the changes made to the RAW image. Complete Novice who takes mostly Drone Photos..