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  1. Thanks R C-R for your reply. Apologies for having mixed up Rotation with View. I do mean, it would be nice to have a button (or shortcut) to change the view for those images - all in my case - that are not displayed correctly. Of course I can rotate the image in the Photo Persona but it would also be nice to change the view in the Develop Persona as it makes for an easier workflow while editing the raw image. Hopefully this very minor change will be implemented in a forthcoming release.
  2. Dear "Affinity" Could you provide a bit more information on when there will be a better ROTATE functionality in the Develop Persona. Having to go in the menu every time for a 15 degree rotation is not a desirable work flow. I would prefer to have simple button in the menu with the option of a 90 degree turn. A keyboard short cut will also do.
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