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  1. Roger that. I am not working on a NAS, but I will read the threads mentioned and report if this happens again. Thank you for your help. Heikki
  2. Hi Gabe, Thank you for your reply. I'm not quite sure what NAS means, sorry. AD is now working again after half a days work trying different solutions (restarting iMac and AD, disconnecting the net, running virus detection). No viruses at least. Finally I reset PRAM on my iMac. Could that have solved the problem? Heikki
  3. Hello there, Started a new document and as I tried to save it to my HD got the following error message: Save failed because the file could not be created. Please report to Serif. I am using Mac OS 10.10.5, Affinity Designer 1.6.1. Also, the path displayed on the screenshot is not the path where I tried to save the file. Closing and reopening AD does not help, nor does restarting computer. Any suggestions how to solve this problem? With regards, Heikki
  4. Hello there, greetings from Finland and thank you for beta release. My question is: will there be later on a function: Layer/Geometry in future as in Affinity Designer? Or will it work like "edit in Affinity Designer" ?