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  1. Hi Affinity team. I just bought Designer but in the payment process there was no place i could put my VAT nr so the VAT was also charged incorrectly. As far as i know ( and i have spend a lot of hours in this as i had to set up for my own Saas business) VAT does not need to be charged on international business to business transactions. ( i talk about US to Europe, or between countries in Europe) That is why you need to be able to fill in the companies VAT number I have seen payment services like Padddle handle all sales as being Business to Consumer sales and therefor charging VAT on all transactions> But this is not correct! I hope you can sort this out soon thanks reinoud
  2. Hi, I have an active license that i want to download on my new second computer. However , when i wnat to sign in into my account and when i used the "lost password option" it gives an error message my email address is not known ??? how to fix this thanks reinoud BTW i really would prefer to send a normal message to a support desk via email and receive an answer via email than having to use these forums
  3. Hi, I "found" Affinity this weekend....Great tool !! Illustrator no longer needed Right now making some new user interface designs for a new application I only miss 1 function , and probably I overlooked it I want to export my designs, in such a way that the values of all spaces, sizes etc are given along with the design so that the developers can implement the design pixelperfect in illustrator you have such an option but i havent found it yet in affinity if needed i can mail an example how it looks like in illustrator i hope it is there and i just overlooked it thanks for all the good work reinoud
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