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  1. Just want to say thanks! Olympus lens profiles now work, and it was the only thing that made me switch over to other software for post-processing. Good work :)
  2. Hi there Wondering if anyone can advise if support for m4/3 embedded lens profiles is on the roadmap at all? Some of my Oly lenses aren't on Lensfun, and I'm resorting to pre-editing my photos in a different editor before doing any work in AP.
  3. Hi Paul I can see my lens in that link, and I can see both my camera and lens in the lens profile XLT files in the affinity program files subfolders. Lensfun definitely supports my camera/lens combo. Can I ask if you were able to replicate my issue with the ORF file I uploaded?
  4. Just updated to 1.6 hoping that it would solve my lens correction issues, but no dice Screenshot attached showing that Faststone Image Viewer is applying lens correction, but Affinity does not.
  5. Howdy Been playing around with this a bit more, and I think I've found the bug.. If I tell Affinity to use my iGPU (Intel HD 4600) then lens correction is applied If I tell Affinity to use my dGPU (Nvidia 970) then lens correction isn't applied peculiar! *edit issue persists after updating to the latest Nvidia drivers (378.92) Affinity install path is standard: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Affinity Photo *edit2 it was just a fluke, the issue now happens with the Intel iGPU as well :(
  6. Hi :) Is there any update on this? Have Development managed to replicate the issue at all? I can consistently replicate the above - toggling the Assistant off and back on, then re-opening the file will cause lens correction to be applied.
  7. So I can replicate this: I completely reset user prefs, restarted the app. Opened the file. Lens correction is enabled in the Develop assistant settings, but doesn't take effect. Close the file, and disable (Take No Action) lens correction in the Develop Assistant settings. Open file - it's now lens corrected! It's odd - it's doing the opposite of what I'd expect! After this, if I close Affinity and re-open it, Lens Correction is now enabled in the Assistant settings, even though I set it to disabled, and it's having no affect again - back to step 1. At least I know there's a workaround for now, but it's quicker to just export as a tiff from Faststone and then work on the tiff.
  8. Hi Sean I've already binned that particular raw unfortunately, but I've attached another example I took with the same lens at 12mm. I've had to zip it, as the forum won't let me upload .orf files :) lensorrection.zip
  9. Howdy My main walkabout lens isn't lens corrected in the Develop module, but it's in the Lensfun database. Affinity Photo version Affinity EXIF: Lensfun database: FastStone image viewer: Affiinity Develop module: Is this an Affinity Photo bug, or does the Lens need correcting on the Lensfun database?
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