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  1. Now 2 years later ..... Did this ever get fixed because I am having the same issue. Also tried what Cartoon Mike did, creating a custom setting for AD. Please help. I only do pure vector drawing, so this issue is really making AD useless to me right now. Just bought it and never thought to look in the Forum first :-(
  2. Helle

    Smooth vector brush

    hmm, okay, something must be wrong. I get no function from my Wacom pen whether I choose pressure etc.... Are there settings I haven't figured out? The wacom works great in all other software
  3. Helle

    Smooth vector brush

    The kind that would be great for cartoon like lines. Best if they are adjustable of course.... So noone can create/has created custom vector brushes?
  4. Helle

    Smooth vector brush

    Thanks for trying to help bleduc .. so that means it's impossible to get a pure vector brush at all? I never use image based brushes in any vector software :-( I had hoped for a freehand smooth flowing brush. The kind that would be useful when "tracing" my pencil drawings.
  5. Helle

    Smooth vector brush

    Illustrator, Xara and some IPad apps like Adobe Ideas does the smoothing the minute you let go of your pencil, which I kind of like :-) Bleduc:As I see it, it does not create a vector brush, more like an image brush with a control line? I tried to expand and export it in different format - all came in as images in Illustrator. If that's the case, I can't really use it because I need it to work with other vector programs :-(
  6. Helle

    Smooth vector brush

    Just trying it out and are not even near creating my own brushes :-) that's why I ask if anybody have made a smooth brush
  7. Helle

    Smooth vector brush

    okay :-) Looked at the video - looks a bit weird though. Hope they make it like a normal brush tip and not as if the line is lacking behind the stroke :-)
  8. Hi ( all new user) I am searching for a brush that is very smooth and pure vector and can be used for freehand drawing. Is that possible? I have tried a few, but none is really smooth and I am not sure it can be smoothed out at a later state? Using Wacom Intous 4-5 and having some issues when "pressure" is turned on, it's not responding very well? Hope somebody out there have a brush to share :-) regards H :-)
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