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  1. Running the downloaded update file as an administrator fixed the problem. Thank you.
  2. Upon starting my functioning Affinity Designer it offered an update to . After downloading and trying to install I get a "Setup Fail" message. I cannot even run the previous version. I am running the Windows version.
  3. I would like to see more control over the guides in the manager. 1. Guide grouping: This would allow you to turn on/off guides to reduce the number that you want to interact with at any one time on each layer. You could also use these groups over different layers. 2. Guide color selection: Similar to the grouping, but this way you could color code your lines. 3. Guide position shown in the work area: Right now I believe the only way to see the exact position of each guide is in the manager, but if the positions were listed on the guides themselves like coordinate dimension
  4. Can you group guides? I would like to be able to turn off selected guides while leaving others on. Can you change the guide colors? Matthew
  5. I keep getting "The file could not be parsed." error when I try to open an EPS file created in Adobe Illustrator. Matthew
  6. I am designing an overlay to a blueprint. What is the best way to show the exact position of a guide? Right now you have to select the guide, as if you are going to move it, to display the position. Every time you do this you run the chance of slightly moving it out of position. Is dimensioning an option? Matthew
  7. I recently saw transform handles on the artboard in Export Persona but I can't find them again. I need to slightly adjust the artboard size before I export. How do I find them again? Matthew
  8. I found Force Pixel Alignment under Snapping Manager. It was already on. I am seeing it skip over whole numbers as it snaps. Like from 100.5, 101.5, 102.5 etc. Do I need to create new art boards and copy the layers over to the new boards?
  9. I changed the settings to 6 decimal places. The transformation panel in draw shows whole integers (although it always showed this way) but the export still shows 1 pixel larger. I even restarted Designer. I couldn't find Forced Pixel Alignment.
  10. I have an artboard size of 168x168 in draw persona. When I switch to export persona, the export size shows at 168x169. I believe all the components on the work space are off by 1 pixel more than the shown in draw. It truly exports it at the off size too. Matthew
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