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  1. Hi, I am playing around with TOC in Publisher and want to create a rather big PDF file with lots of pages which should be more accessible with bookmarks. I created a very simple document to try this out. Just put a few pages with text and headings and a TOC. Works as expected, TOC is clickable in the PDF but the bookmarks are wrong. Several of my TOC entries are duplicated as bookmarks. If I look in the Anchors pallet, the problem is there, also. Although I can delete the double anchors there, they show up again when I update the TOC. Any way to get a correct PDF?
  2. Hi, I prepared some Illustrations in Designer. One designer file with several artboards on it. I place the file linked in my Publisher doc, referencing several artboards all over the doc. Whenever I change something in the designer file und update it in Publisher, all placed artboards are resized to a very small size. What's the problem here? I tried to copy all in a new Publisher file, but this problem stays. That's not what I was expecting... I wanted to reuse the Deisgner file in some Publisher docs (translations) and need to change or add illustrations. The resize is a problem.
  3. Because it's a template and there are several slices which should use this variable. I tried User variables, but it get's created only on one slice. The use of this is unclear to me, too
  4. You mean the film? Yes. But I cannot see that firstdefence is using the filename to define the exported slice name. He is using the slicename variable, which I would like to use for something else... I want to create a template with artboards for different social media. So the slice name is for example "insta post", "insta story" or "fb post". When I use this this template to create content for different media, I would like to throw in the file name of the Affinity Document so not all exports have the exact same file name...
  5. Hi, I have exactly the same need and can not find answer if and how it's possible. Thanks, regards joker
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