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    Hello there! I changed to Mac 3 years ago and I love it. I never looked back leaving Windows with the exception of my much missed Serif software : Web Plus and Page Plus. I have about 5 publishing/design apps on my mac but nothing is quite as good as Serif PP. Sadly I really did not like any of the web design apps and although I spent substantially more than I ever paid for WP (and updates) for a couple of versions of the app I did favour I am sad to say my beautiful site went moribund and eventually I took it down completely. Both PP and WP just got the job done and with so little hassle. I did buy Crossover and even Parallels but it really seemed to defeat the object so I have never installed a copy of Windows on my shiny, clean iMac. As a platform and a machine it has served me very well in all other areas and with the exception of our website I still managed to knock out most publications I wanted. However I am really excited to see Serif here at last as was sort of hinted at on the forums when I used to visit regularly. Fingers crossed for more and more involvement and please let there be a web app as well some day!!!!!