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  1. Thanks for the support guys! Loved using Affinity for this project. Unity featured it on their made with unity section. Had some nice things to say as well! :) http://madewith.unity.com/stories/swing-spin-and-shoot-your-way-through-magical-lands-big-fun
  2. Hello From Canada!! I'm excited to announce that I have finally completed my epic puzzle platformer "Big Fun". I'm posting a gameplay video below and would love to hear your thoughts on the finished game. All of the artwork was done with Affinity Designer. Using scalable images really helped me out a lot. and Affinity designer is my preferred Vector Artwork program some really fabulous things can be accomplished with affinity even with limited artistic skills. Gameplay Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9id9a-VU7Xs Additional Game Art is available on my website : http://madduck.ca THE GAME Meet Ty, the adorable "bug" that's afraid of heights. His best friend is a snail, and they never leave the ground. But when his family is captured by stink beetles he's forced on an incredible adventure to get them back. Swing, spin, and shoot your way through the magical lands using your web grappling hook. Meet strange insects and escape fierce enemies. Travel in bubbles, or catch a ride on a dragonfly or roach when needed. Even though our hero is small, it's tremendously Big Fun. Big Fun is a family friendly platformer with a unique grappling hook mechanic. With a huge variety of levels, enemies, and puzzles that will keep you laughing. App Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/big-fun/id974673964?ls=1&mt=8 Greenlight Campaign: (Please Vote Yes!) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=592617062 Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/DarrylFrith Website: http://madduck.ca
  3. I've been saving my affinity files in iCloud all along and now suddenly my affinity folder on iCloud is disabled. I can still open files from it but I cannot save to that location. my iCloud drives in other applications appear to still be working as expected. any ideas how to get iCloud working for affinity again?
  4. After updating to 1.2.1 all ,y slices are scaled double to what the document is. When this happened in the last update all the slices were half the size they were supposed to be. so I doubled the document size and weirdly exporting the slice at 1X they were still the same size as before so weird but no big deal. This timothy only way to get the slices to line up with the sprites is to double the document size. now when I export all my slices are 2X too big. and we don't have a way to set the scale of an export it's still limited to 1X 2X and 3X. so how amy I supposed to either scale all my slices to fit or if the solution is to double the document size how do I export slices at .5 scale?
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