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  1. Mau

    Crashing on Export

    Hi There again, Just after I pushed Submit, I got a note from "App Store" that a new version, 1.6.1 of Affinity Designer was available. I immediately installed it. Behavior is now slightly different. The program no longer crashes on bringing up the dialog box, and I could export OK to a PNG file. However, exporting to PDF results in an error. Not a full crash this time. The issue seems to be the embedded outline fonts that I pasted into the graphic. Without that formula (generated with LaTexIt), the file saves as a PDF.
  2. Mau

    Crashing on Export

    Hi There to you too, Seems I have exactly the same issue. VERY annoying!!! After I completely reset the app, I can get to the export page and export a blank page, so the reset worked. I then reloaded the attached file. Just trying to bing up the export dialog will crash Affinity Designer with a SIGSEGV!! I am trying to export as PDF. Crash report is also attached. Let me know how I can file a bug report if that is needed on top of this forum reply. Non_inverting_amp.afdesign crash.txt
  3. This has been YEARS, and that for what I would consider a core feature of a drawing program. Does Affinity actually listen to feature requests or is this just for show? Dear Affinity, A whole lot of people, including myself, who have purchased your product, would really like to see arrow heads. Better yet, if you allow for "flow" arrows, that is lines with arrow heads at regular intervals, then you would also please the scientific community. Given that you already implemented end-caps, it should not be too hard to create arrow heads, and arrow tails. Could you please pay some attention to this? Thanks! - Mau