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  1. Yes it does but it's still not perfect and even with the stabilizer the lines are coming off a bit jagged.
  2. Hi, I have the exact same problem reported in the following post: Jagged brush lines on quick strokes (Quick strokes result in jagged lines). I just wanted to let you know that this bug also occurs on Windows, since it was posted on the Mac bugs' section. Thank you, and I hope you'll fix this soon.
  3. I have exactly the same problem on the Windows version. Is it due to the new update? Anyways, I hope it will get fixed soon because currently I can't draw with AP because of this bug
  4. Thanks all, I still have a problem though because I want the rings to have a stroke so the Anna's method doesn't work for me and Reglico's method should work but since the planet doesn't have a flat fill there's a thin line showing where the circle and the segment intersect.
  5. Hi, I'm currently struggling with designing rings for a plant in affinity designer. I'm mainly struggling with the fills and the intersections between the planet and the rings. ​If someone has a good method for creating planetary rings and some design ideas it would help a lot.
  6. Well, that actually does the trick if I use non destructive combine, thanks a lot!
  7. MBd thanks a lot that worked perfectly! Divide didn't work because it also cuts the rectangle and I want to keep it uncut.
  8. Thanks MBd but​ I tried using them and I'm always left with the inside part of the circle except when I add the shapes but then they're not separate anymore.
  9. Thanks HVDB Fotografie. Is there also a way to do this in Affinity Designer?
  10. Hi everybody, ​can someone explain please how can I do inverse clipping? What I mean is for example if I have a circle on top of a square and I want to cut the part of the circle that's inside the square and be left with the square and the part of the circle that's outside the square as two different shapes.
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